In-Line valves

Unidirectional valves F/F with calibrated orifice VUR-H

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Check valve with tapered poppet and calibrated orifice

VUR-H check valves allow free oil passing in one way and through a fix restrictor on the opposite one.



VUR-H valves are unidirectional housing valves for in-line installation. The passage of the flow is free from port 2 to port 1, while a calibrated hole worked on the shutter throttles the passage of the flow from port 1 to port 2 to obtain the reduction of the speed of an actuator. The restrictor is not compensated and the amount of flow that passes through the calibrated hole varies according to the working pressure, the viscosity of oil and its operating temperature. Their use is common in all hydraulic applications from the mobile to the industrial sector. The conical shutter is housed inside a valve body, with female BSPP threads, available in sizes BSPP 1/8 to BSPP 2. VUR-H block valves can work with flow rates up to 430 lpm (113,5 gpm) and maximum pressures up to 400 bar (5800 PSI). In addition to the standard (1 bar), different opening pressures are available for the VUR-H valve. The external body is made of high-strength steel and protected externally from oxidation with galvanizing treatment. On request, Zinc/Nickel surface treatment is available for better resistance to the action of corrosive agents in applications exposed to particularly harsh conditions.