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Unidirectional valve VUP, disc type

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Check valve insert type disc sealed

The unidirectional insert valves VUP allow the free flow through in a direction while the flow is blocked in the opposite. They find common employement in hydraluc system or HIC, with function as e.g. load holding or part of sequenc e valves. Typpical application are systems for agricultural or industrial machineries.



The VUP series’ valves are unidirectional valves (or check valves). They allow so the flow pass free to them in a direction while, thank to the closing of a disc, the flow is interrupted in the opposite way. The sealing of the valve, once closed, is granted thanks to the perfect contact between the disc and its sealing ring, both built with hardened steel and then grinded. Externally, a gasket avoid leakages through the threads. The check valves VUP series are available with the sizes from ¼ BSPP to ¾ BSPP Thank to their compact dimensions, the employement of the check valves VUP is specially recommended in the design of HIC manifolds. The installation into specific housings with female threads allows furthermore to mounting the valves in-line. The protection against the corrosion of the external components is granted thanks to the manganese phosphating treatment.