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VUBA Safety valve for hoses

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Hose burst valve with automatic load lock

The unidirectional adjustable valves VUBA are fitted directly on hydraulic cylinders in order to avoid an uncontrolled lowering of the load in event of breaking of the hose. Safety valves VUBA are commonly installed on the base of the cylinder.



The hose burst valves VUBA in the normal operating allow the flow in both directions without influencing the regular functionality of the hydraulic system. In event of breaking of the hose, the plate joins the body and the valve close the outlet flow from the cylinder, locking the load in its position. Safety valves VUBA must be set by regulating the opening thickness “F” (see technical data sheet of the valve). It is recommended a setting correspondent to a flow 50% over the maximum of the system. The setting can be done in our plant or directly by the Customer. As optional, a calibrated orifice on the plate allows the slow lowering of the load when the valve is closed. If not possible to fit the valve into the Cylinder, it is possible to mount it in-line with a housing M/F or F/F. Components of the safety valve VUBA are protected against corrosion with surface treatment manganese phosphating.