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VSC6 Flow control pressure compensated valve, fixed regulation

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Compensated flow restrictor two ways with constant flow, fixed setting

Flow control pressure compensated valves with fixed regulation VSC6 allow to keep a constant lowering speed on an hydraulic actuator in every condition of load pressure. They are cartridge valves, sized for cavity SAE08/2. Typical application field can be hydraulic tail lifts or platforms.



The flow regulators VSCR6, thanks to the hydraulic compensator, are able to grant a constant flow through the valve itself even in event of load variations. They must be screwed into SAE08/2 cavity. These valves allows also the flow without compensation in the opposite direction. Valves VSC6 have fixed setting. A calibrated orifice on the internal spool of the valve manages the regulated flow. Setting range is from 1 lpm (0,26 USgpm) to 12 lpm (3,2 USgpm), with tolerance +/- 10%. Maximum working pressure not over 250 bar (3625 PSI). Flow control valves VSC6, thanks to their high performace combined with its easy installation, guarantee a high quality/price ratio. Thanks to the fixed regulation, once determined the ideal flow corresponding to the lowering speed, the valves VSC6 don’t need any setting operation more, with a consequent optimization in therms of installation time.