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VRSE single pilot operated check valve

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Pilot operated check valve for single acting cylinder

The VRSE single check valves are able to support suspended loads until the movement is released by hydraulic piloting.



Thanks to the VRSE single check valves it is possible to manage the support and movement of a suspended load on only one return line. The typical use for this type of valve is in the presence of double-acting cylinders that you want to lock in the working or resting position. The hydraulic seal is guaranteed by a hardened and ground tapered poppet. Thanks to the pilot ratio, the release pressure is lower than that induced by the suspended load. VRSE valves are available with BSPP-GAS threaded ports. Depending on the chosen size, they can work with operating pressures up to 320 bar (4640 PSI) and 70 lpm (18.5 gpm) flow rate. The external body is made of high-strength steel and externally protected from oxidation with galvanizing treatment. Zinc/Nickel treatment is available on request for applications particularly exposed to corrosive agents.