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VRF6 adjustable one-way flow control valve

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Adjustable flow control valve, cartridge execution size SAE8/2 (3/4-16UNF) unidirectional not compensated

The bidirectional flow restrictors VRF6 allow the flow regulation in one way



The VRF6 are adjustable unidirectional flow control valves. The flow restriction therefore occurs in one direction only of the valve crossing, while the flow is free in the opposite direction. The valve is not compensated: the set opening value therefore corresponds to a variable flow rate depending on the pressure drops present across the valve. By inserting a hydraulic compensator inside the circuit, a constant flow regulation system independent of load variations can be obtained. The valve can be used as an ON/OFF tap in the regulated direction. The VRF6 flow control valves can be installed in 2-way cavities dimensioned according to the SAE08 standard (3/4-16 UNF thread). The maximum working pressure for the flow restrictor VRF6 is 350 bar, while its use is recommended with inlet flow up to 40 l/min. The valve opening adjustment is by screw in the standard configuration; the regulation with a graduated handknob is available as option. All the valve’s components are made of high-resistance steel and the external components are protected from the action of corrosive agents by zinc plating treatment.