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VRD Flow control compensated valves, 2 ways, unidirectional, adjustable

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Compensated flow restrictors 2 ways, adjustable, with free reverse flow

The compensated flow control valves VRD are commonly employed in order to control the lowering speed of an hydraulic actuator, independently by the pressure due to the working load.



he adjustable, pressure compensated flow control valves VRD are normally installed on the bottom of a simple effect hydraulic cylinder in order to guarantee a constant lowering speed lin every working condition. This is possible thanks to the presence of the hydraulic compensator which manages a constant outlet flow from the valve even in presence of pressure variations due to the working load. These valves allows also the feeding flow to the cylinders without compensation. The compensated flow regulator VRD can manage working flows rate between 2 lpm (0,52 USgpm) and 150 lpm (39,6 USgpm) according with the size of the valve. VRD series is dividev in four sizes following the dimension of the external thread BSPP: ¼”, 3/8”, ½ e ¾”. The manual adjusting of the flow is allowed into setting ranges available for each size. The maximum working pressure for VRD series is 300 bar (4350 PSI). Thanks to the adjusting nut it is allowed to obtain fine settings for valves of VRD series, recovering eventual tolerances present into the hydraulic system. The compensated flow control valves VRD are fitted into cavities with female thread BSPP according with the choosen size.