In-Line valves

VRC Unidirectional compensated and adjustable flow control valves

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Flow control regulator with constant flow and adjustable by knob

VRC flow regulators allow free oil passing in one direction and regulate the flow on the opposite one. The internal compensation system keeps constant speed of the cylinder regardless of the load, it grants high regulation sensitivity



VRC compensated valves are often mounted at the base of the cylinder to grant a constant flow regardless of the working pressure. The range includes several sizes from ¼ BSPP (1/4 G) up to 1/2 bspp (1/2G). Setting is made by knob rotation clockwise and vice versa. Once the valve is set, tighten the lateral nut placed on the knob to lock the setting. These are high performances valves, once the ideal flow is identified, they leave all flow passing through the opposite way. They do not allow leakages. The external body is made of high resistance steel and externally protected from oxidations by zinc treatment. On request we can supply a zinc/nickel treatment to increase the oxidation resistance when the valve has poor protection or it is located in external environments. The working pressure does not have to exceed 250 bar.