In-Line valves

VPP-RV compensated flow regulator

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3-way priority valve with exceeding flow to pressure, pressure relief valve and electric unloader valve

The VPP-RV flow control valves allow to feed a priority user with a constant flow and to feed a second user with the exceeding flow.



The VPP-RV flow control valves manage the power priority between two users. Thanks to the presence of the hydraulic compensator, the flow rate sent to the priority user is constant even in the presence of pressure variations. The second user is powered by the exceeding flow and it is therefore subject to its possible variations (e.g. due to the change in rpm of the motor connected to the pump). For optimal operation, it is recommended to set the valve inlet flow of at least 10% higher than the flow you want to regulate. Depending on the chosen size, the VPP flow regulators can work with inlet flow rates up to 150 lpm (39.6 gpm) and maximum pressures up to 250 bar (3625 PSI). The external body of the VPP valves is made of aluminum and it is protected from oxidation with black anodizing treatment. The internal components are made of high-strength steel, hardened and ground.