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VPN6 Cartridge check valve pneumatic operated

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Double sealing check valve direct acting pneumatic operated, cartridge SAE08/2 execution

The VPN6 are 2-way/2-position valves with direct drive and pneumatic control. Available in the NC configuration, they allow the flow to flow only in the presence of a pneumatic signal



Pneumatic valves are used more and more often in hydraulic circuits, completely eliminating the problems connected to the management of an electrical system. The VPN6 are direct acting check valves driven by a pneumatic pulse. Available in the normally closed configuration (NC) the VPN6 allow the passage of the fluid when the pilot line is supplied with a compressed air signal. The VPN6 are double seal valves: in the absence of a pilot signal the flow is closed in both directions. The opening of the valve also allows bidirectional flow. The cartridge design allows the valve to be housed in 2-way cavities dimensioned according to the SAE08/2 standard (3/4-16 UNF thread). The maximum operating pressure for the VPN6 is 350 bar, while the maximum pneumatic pilot pressure is 15 bar. It is recommended the use with flow rates up to 40 l/min. All the valve components are made of high-strength steel and the external components are protected from the action of corrosive agents by zinc-plating treatment. The pneumatic cylinder is instead made of aluminium and protected superficially by black anodizing.