In-Line valves

VMF-H MALE/FEMALE housing check valves with restrictor hole

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Check valve with tapered poppet with calibrated orifice

VMF-H (Gas threads) Male/female check valves allow oil passing through valves allow free oil passing in one way and from a fix restrictor on the opposite one. Applications are many on agricultural machines and industrial installations.



They are used as fix set one-way flow regulator, it allows free flow in one way and works as flow regulator by means of a calibrated orifice on the opposite one. The sizes are from 1/4 BSPP (1/4 G) to 1 BSPP (1 G). The external body is made by high resistance steel and externally protected from oxidations by zinc treatment. On request we can supply a zinc/nickel treatment to increase the oxidation resistance when the valve is located in external environments. Different opening than the standard one (1 bar) are available: 3-4.5-6 bar.