In-Line valves

VMDR40 In line pressure relief valves

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VMDR40 pressure relief valves – direct acting are used to limit the pressure in the hydraulic circuit

VMDR40 valves are used to limit the pressure in a circuit. Once overcome the pressure setting the valves open unloading the flow. The valves close when the pressure into the system decreases below the setting



These security valves are used to avoid overcoming of a fixed pressure in the circuit. In this event probable breakages would occur. The valve job is very simple: the valve is set at a pressure a bit higher than the working one. In case this value is overcome due to a circuit problem, the valve opens, unloading the exceeding oil to the tank. Restoring will be done when the pressure set will decrease to the set value. The external body is made of high resistance steel and externally protected from oxidations by zinc treatment. On request we can supply a Zinc/Nickel treatment to increase the oxidation resistance when the valve has poor protection or it is located in external environments.