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VMD120 pressure relief valve M28x1,5

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Cartridge pressure limiter valve direct acting, adjustable, guided poppet size M28x1,5

The pressure relief valve VMD120 has the function of protect the hydraulic system form malfunctioning or breaking due to too high pressure level present into the circuit.



In an hydraulic system, the pressure limiter valves are an essential organ for the proper functioning and maintenance in the time of the efficiency of the components that compose it. The valve VMD120 protects the system form too high pressure levels, avoiding malfunctioning or breaking. The valve VMD120 is a direct acting cartridge valve. A poppet placed present into the valve open the flow through the cartridge when the pressure into the system reaches the setting rate. Thanks to the screw regulator is possible to set the opening pressure for the valve. Many pressure ranges are available for opening pressure up to 350 bar. Maximum working pressure for VMD120 valve is 350 bar, while it is recommended a working flow up to 120 lpm. The valve VMD120 can be installed into a metric cavity with thread M28x1,5. The external components are built with steel and protected against the corrosion with zinc plating treatment. For application with extremely aggressive corrosive agents (e.g. marine applications) the protection can be improved with Zinc-Nickel plating. The setting can be sealed with plastic anti-tampering caps.