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VCC380 Compensated flow restrictor 2 ways unidirectional fixed setting

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Compensated flow control valves 2 ways with free reverse flow

The flow regulators VCC380 are compensated restrictors with fixed setting. Their aim is to manage a constant lowering speed of a hydraulic actuator independently from its working pressure. Typical application field can be hydraulic tail lifts or platforms.



The compensated flow regulators with fixed setting VCC380 are normally installed on the bottom of simple effect hydraulic cylinders, on the back-flow line, in order to control their lowering without speed variations in every working condition. This is possible thanks to the hydraulic compensator which manages a constant flow in the outlet line of the valve, even in event of load variations. These valves allow also the feeding flow to the cylinders without compensation. With a setting range between 1 lpm (0,26 USgpm) and 18 lpm (4,75 USgpm) VCC380 valves allow an easy setup in order to obtain the correct moving speed. The tolerance on settings is +/- 10%. Maximum working pressure is 250 bar (3625 PSI). VCC380 are insert valves type and they must be screwed in a female cavity with thread 3/8 BSPP (3/8 G). The high performance of flow regulators VCC380 and their simplicity in construction guarantee a high quality/price ratio. The fixed setting of valves VCC380 valves optimizes the installing operations without any more time for setting up.