In-Line valves

Bidirectional flow control valve VBRF

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Flow regulation valve for in-line installation

The VBRF valves allow the regulation of the oil flow in both crossing directions.



The VBRF valves series include two-way bidirectional flow regulators of barrel execution. The oil flow is regulated in both directions. The valves do not have an integrated compensator, therefore the quantity of flow that passes through them will depend on the pressure drop at both ends. The BSPP-GAS threaded F/F ports allow the in-line installation of the VBRF valves inside the hydraulic circuit. A typical application is the installation of the valve downstream of a block valve for controlling the speed of movement of a cylinder. Depending on the chosen size, the VBRF valves can be installed in systems with operating pressures up to 350 bar (5075 PSI) and flow rates up to 200 lpm (52.8 gpm). The external components of the VBRF valves are made of high-strength steel and protected from corrosive agents by galvanizing. Zinc-Nickel surface treatment is available on request for applications operating in particularly corrosive environments.