In-Line valves

SVB-SAE flow control valves

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Bidirectional adjustable flow control valves for in line installations. Screw setting.

SVB-SAE flow control valves allow the adjustment of the flow in both directions.



Thanks to SVB-SAE restrictors it is possible to adjust the oil flow passing through and control the speed of a hydraulic cylinder or motor. The adjustment is bidirectional. The valves do not have an integrated hydraulic compensator and the set flow is effected by the pressure drops accross the valve. The screw setting is a cheaper version compared with standard knob one. The valves can be easly installed inline inside the hydraulic circuit through the two UNF-SAE threads ports. Depending on the chosen size, the SVB-SAE valves can be installed inside circuits with max working pressure of 400 bar (5800 PSI) and flow up to 300 lpm (79.2 gpm) The external body is made by steel and it is protected from oxidation by zinc plating treatment. The inner components are made of steel , hardened and ground where necessary.