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SV cartridge load shuttle valves SAE

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Load shuttle valves ball type, cartridge execution

The load shuttle valves SV are used to select the highest load between two pressure lines.



The load shuttle valves SV series are used when, in an hydraulic circuit, is needed to compare two pressure lines selecting the one with highest load. Typical employement for load shuttle valves is into load sensing circuits where they select the line with highest load and send the signal to the compensator. The SV series’ valves are available with two different sizes with so many working flow rates. For size 08, suitable for standard SAE08/3 cavities, the recommended flow rate is up to 15 l/min (4 USgpm); for size 10, suitable for standard SAE10/3 cavities, the recommended flow rate is up to 30 l/min (8 USgpm). Maximum working pressure for valves of SV series is 350 bar (5075 PSI). The cartridges, dimensioned according with the SAE standard, allow to easily fit the valves SV series into the most common hydraulic manifolds. External components, built with high resistance steel, are protetcted against the oxidation by zinc plating treatment. Zinc-Nickel plating is available for application exposed to very aggressive corrosive agents.