Stainless steel valves

Pressure gauge shut-off tap XSOV

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Stainless steel gauge exclusion valve

With XSOV pressure gauge exclusion taps pressure test points can be isolated protecting the measuring instruments. The XSOV series includes stainless steel in-line exclusors.



Thanks to the taps of the XSOV series it is possible to isolate the pressure points of a hydraulic system to protect the pressure gauges from pressure peaks that can be generated especially at the beginning of the cycle. Installation for this configuration of exclusion taps is in-line: the connection to the circuit and the connections to the pressure gauge are on the same axis. XSOV taps are made of stainless steel AISI316 and can be applied in circuits particularly exposed to corrosive agents or which require the use of different fluids. The available size is BSPP ¼ ".