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Ball valves 4 ways/3 positions RAS4-BSPP

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High pressure ball valves with lever control

BSPP threads steel ball valves 4 ways/3positions.p>



Thanks to the RAS4-BSPP ball valves it is possible to manage the directionality of an oil flow in a hydraulic circuit with a simple and economical component. The RAS4 are 4-way and 3-position valves. The range includes three types of spools, all with a closed center, for the best adaptability to the needs of the circuit. Available with BSPP- threaded user ports, RAS4-BSPP taps are available in sizes from 1/4 BSPP to 1-1 / 2 BSPP for recommended working flows up to 150 lpm (39,6 gpm). The maximum operating pressure of the RAS4-BSPP taps, depending on the size chosen, can reach 500 bar (7250 PSI). The components made of high-strength steel guarantee the durability of the product. The external body is galvanized to facilitate its resistance to corrosive agents.