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Ball valves 3 ways/3 positions RAS3-BSPP

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High pressure ball valves with lever control

BSPP threads steel ball valves 3 ways/3positions.



RAS3-BSPP ball valves are used in hydraulic circuits to manage the oil flow direction. They are 3-way and 3-position taps available with two types of spools, both closed center. The ports have BSPP-GAS threads with sizes from 1/8 BSPP to 1-1 / 2 BSPP. Depending on the size chosen, the maximum working pressure can reach up to 500 bar (7250 PSI) while the recommended working flows reach up to 150 lpm (39,6 gpm). The components made of high-strength steel guarantee the durability of the product. Zinc plating of external body protects it from corrosion. The inner components are made of hardened and ground steel.