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PME5P hand pump

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Cartridge hand pump with push and pull drive

The PME5 hand pump can be used for the construction of emergency systems. It can be housed inside a standard SAE08 / 2 cavity.



The hydraulic hand pump PME5P represents the optimal solution for hydraulic systems in which the presence of emergency manual operations is envisaged. A typical application for this type of pump is inside mini hydraulic power units. The PME5P version is in particular a push and pull pump with 1cc/cycle displacement. The maximum operating pressure is 300 bar (4350 PSI), although it is recommended to remain on lower pressure levels to limit the effort necessary to perform the pumping. The main body of the pump, made of steel, can be inserted inside a 2-way cavity sized according to SAE08 standards. The remaining components of the hydraulic hand pump are made of high strength steel or stainless steel.