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Hand pumps PMS series

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Double acting hand pumps for tank mounting

Double acting hand pumps PMS series, displacements from 6 to 45 cm3/cycle (0,37 to 2,75 In3/cycle).



The PMS series pumps are manually operated pumps (lever) with execution for tank installation. The pump is single delivery with displacements from 6 to 45 cm3 (0,37 to 2,75 In3/cycle). The cycle is double pumped, ie it generates pressure with both movements of the lever and the displacement is therefore corresponding to the sum of the pumped upwards and downwards. The PMS pump is particularly suitable for the construction of emergency lines and can directly feed single-acting cylinders, or, by connecting it to a flow diverter, double-acting cylinders. The pump body is made of cast iron and is protected externally by painting. All other components are made of steel and protected against corrosion by zinc plating. Together with the pump, the screws and the gasket for fixing on the tank and the operating lever L=600 mm are supplied as standard. Some optional features are also available.