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Stainless steel AISi316L hand pumps for tank mounting series XPMI

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Double pumping hand pumps for double-acting cylinders or reversible motors, with closed center flow diverter

Stainless steel pumps with manual operation and integrated 4/3 diverter. Displacements 12 and 25 cm3/cycle (0,73 and 1,53 In3/cycle). Execution for tank fixing.



The XPMI series lever operated pumps, made of AISI316L stainless steel, can be installed in circuits fed with different types of fluid. AISI316L stainless steel makes XPMI pumps suitable, among others, for applications in the food or medical industry. The XPMI range includes 12 and 25 cm3/cycle (0,73 and 1,53 In3/cycle) displacements. The double pumping cycle generates pressure with both lever movements and the pump displacement is therefore to be understood as the sum of the two pumping downwards and upwards. Prepared for fixing on the tank, XPMI pumps are supplied complete with screws and gasket. The presence of a 4-ways/3-positions diverter integrated in the pump makes it suitable for controlling double-acting cylinders or reversible motors.