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Two speeds hand pumps PME580

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Double hand pumps, double acting, tank mounted

Double hand pumps for hydraulic system with two speeds, with displacements 5/80 cm3 (0,31/4,9 in3).



The PME580 series hand pump is ideal for the construction of two-speed systems with exclusion of the low-pressure line. The pump is in fact made up of two separate stages: the first high-pressure stage (500 bar; 7250 PI) with a fixed displacement of 5 cm3 (0,31 in3); the second stage for low pressure (20 bar; 290 PSI) with a displacement of 80 cm3 (4,9 in3), also fixed. They are double pumping pumps: that is, the pressure is generated with both downward and upward movements of the lever. Therefore the displacement is to be understood as the sum of these two movements. This pump is designed for mounting on the tank and is supplied complete with gasket and fixing screws. The pump body is made of cast iron. With black paint, its external surfaces are protected against corrosion. All other components are made of steel with zinc plating surface protection. The pump is supplied with an operating lever L=600 mm and, on request, with other optional functions.