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Cartridge hand pump PME

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Lever hand pump for cavity SAE08

Manual operated pump for emergency acting. Cartridge execution for installation in cavity SAE08/2 (thread 3/4-16UNF).



The hand pumps PME series represent the optimal solution for hydraulic systems where manual emergency drives are required. Typical application for this type of pump is inside hydraulic mini-powerpacks. The possibility to choose between multiple displacement / pumped ratios makes PME manual pumps suitable for plants of different sizes. Maximum working pressure is variable according with the displacement: it is between 120 (1740 PSI) and 300 bar (4350 PSI). The main body of the pump, made of steel, can be installed inside a 2-way cavity sized according to the SAE08 standards. The pumping drive joint, made of steel, is placed on a die-cast aluminum body to be fixed to the support plate by four M5 screws. Two orthogonal threads between the themselves allow to tighten the lever (supplied as standard together with the pump) both in horizontal and vertical position. The remaining components are made of high strength steel or stainless steel.