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Hand pump displacement 50 cm3 (3,05 in3) PM50

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Double acting hand pump for single effect cylinder

The PM50 hand pumps are manually controlled pumps with 50 cm3/cycle (3,05 in3/cycle) displacement



PM50 hand pumps are single delivery and lever operated hydraulic pumps. They are suitable for operating single-acting or plunging hydraulic cylinders. The displacement, fixed, is 50 cm3/cycle (3,05 in3/cycle). The double pumping cycle generates pressure in both lever movements. The value of the displacement is thus referred to the operation of the pump in both directions. Typical use for this type of hand pumps is in the implementation of emergency controls. PM50 pumps require panel mounting. To aspirate the fluid from the tank, connect a hose to the inlet port. The maximum working pressure is 280 bar (4060 PSI), while the optimal one to contain the mechanical driving force is 80 bar (1160 PSI). The pump body is made of cast iron. Thanks to the black paint, protection against corrosive agents is also guaranteed. The other components are made of steel and protected externally from oxidation with zinc plating treatment. Optional functions are available on request, such as the by-pass valve. The operating lever L=600 mm is supplied with the pump.