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Manual emergency valve VEM

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Cartridge valve for emergency manual acting

The manual emergency valve VEM is a 2 ways / 2 positions valve, normally closed, direct acting. The oil flow is allowed in both directions.



The manual acting opens the valve VEM, allowing the oil flow in both directions. The valve is normally closed and opens by pushing the button on the top of the cartridge. The return in closed position is assured thanks to a spring once released the pushbutton. Emergency valves VEM are available with sizes SAE8 (cavity 3/4-16 UNF) and SAE10 (cavity 7/8-14UNF) for recommended working flow up to 50 lpm (… gpm). Maximum working pressure is 320 bar. The valves series VEM are leakproof valves. A steel poppet, hardened and grinded avoid leakages in both directions. The external components are built with steel and protected against the corrosion with zinc plating treatment. For application with extremely aggressive corrosive agents (e.g. marine applications) the protection can be improved with Zinc-Nickel plating. Emergency pushbutton is built with aluminium and is protected with red anodization.