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ways flow diverters IDF8-BSPP

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Flow diverter lever operated 8 ways/3 positions BSPP thread

Valves for reversing the oil flow direction by operating the lever control.



The IDF- BSPP flow diverters are directional spool valves able of reversing the inlet and tank lines of an oil flow by turning the control lever. The IDF8 series, with 8 available ways, can manage the functionality of two actuators simultaneously. Switching takes place by moving the lever to the two extreme positions. In neutral position the diverter can be with closed center or with inlet connected to tank. The range includes threads from BSPP 1/4 to BSPP 1, for work flows up to 200 lpm (52,8 gpm) per stage, and maximum operating pressures up to 350 bar (5075 PSI). The body of the diverters is made of cast iron and is protected on the surface by black paint. The internal components are made of high-strength, tempered and ground steel.