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Hand pumps PDM series

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Double acting hand pumps for panel mounting

Cast iron hand pumps for tank mounting. Displacements from 5 to 17 cm3/cycle (0,31 to 1,04 In3/cycle).



The pumps of PMD series are hydraulic pumps lever operated and single delivery. They are suitable for supplying simple-acting hydraulic cylinders and are particularly suitable in construction of lines for emergency controls. The cycle is double pumped: it generates pressure with both lever movements. The pump is designed for panel mounting. To suck the oil from the tank, insert a tube between the suction mouth and the tank. The PMD series hand pumps are available with fixed displacements from 5 to 17 cm3/cycle (0,31 to 1,04 In3/cycle). The displacement is obtained by adding both lever movements. The pump body is in cast iron and is protected in its external surfaces by black paint. The remaining components are made of steel with surface protection against oxidation by galvanizing treatment. For PMD pumps, optional components are available on request, such as the by-pass valve. The pump is supplied with an operating lever L=500 mm.