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4 ways flow diverters IDF4-BSPP

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Manual flow diverter 4 ways/3 positions with BSPP threading ports

IDF4-BSPP 4-way cast-iron hydraulic flow diverters manage the hydraulic flow direction through a manual control.



To manage feeding of a hydraulic actuator such as a double-acting cylinder or a reversible motor, the IDF4 flow diverters represent an optimal choice for compact dimensions, ease of installation and cost containment. IDF4 hydraulic diverters are 4-way and 3-position directional valves with manual lever switching. They are available with open center or closed center spool and with BSPP-GAS ports-threads with sizes from BSPP 1/4 to BSPP 1 ”. Depending on the size chosen, the IDF4 hydraulic diverters are able to handle working pressures up to 350 (5072 PSI) bar and flow rates up to 200 lpm (52,8 gpm). The external body, made of cast iron, is painted to improve its resistance to corrosive agents, while the remaining components, made of high-strength steel, hardened and grinded, ensure a high standard of performance and a long life of the valve.