In-Line valves

VPP-RV 3 ways flow control valves – pressure compensated, exceeding flow to pressure with relief and electric valve

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Flow regulators at constant flow with exceeding oil to pressure, complete of relief and electric valves

VPP-RV 3 ways flow regulators allow setting and keeping of constant flow, regardless to the load, thanks to an inner compensation system. The exceeding flow is in pressure, available for a second line, the relief valve avoids pressure peaks and the electric valve is useful for circuit customization.



Their job is to grant a constant flow on a user line regardless to the working pressure. The compensation of the exceeding flow allows to feed a second line insensitive to pressure but not to flow. Regulation is made rotating clockwise or vice versa the higher nut, locking is granted by a second lower nut screwed clockwise. In this configuration a relief valve is mounted useful in case of pressure peaks, and an electric valve for installation customization. The external body is made of aluminium protected from oxidations by a black anodizing treatment. This treatment grants a big increase of the external hardness, a good resistance to wear, scraping and corrosion.