Load shuttle valves - ball type

Load shuttle valves VUSF

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Load shuttle valves with ball sealing

VUSF shuttle valves are used to select, between two, the line with highest load



With the VUSF ball selector valve it is possible, within an hydraulic circuit, to select the one with higher pressure between two lines and convey it on a third way to perform, for example, hydraulic piloting or logic sequences. The VUSF series is composed of parts-in-body valves with BSPP threads and sizes from BSPP ¼ to BSPP ½”. Depending on the size chosen, the VUSF selector valves can work with flow rates up to 60 lpm (15,8 gpm) and pressures up to 350 bar (5075 PSI). The external body is made of high-strength steel and protected externally from oxidation with zinc plating treatment. It is possible to request surface treatment in zinc/nickel to increase resistance to oxidation in cases where the valve is particularly exposed to atmospheric agents.