Check valves

VUN-H check valve

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non-return check valve with M/M threads with restriction orifices

The VUN-H unidirectional check valves allow the free passage of oil in one direction and the restricted passage in the opposite direction to the free flow.



The VUN-H series includes unidirectional connection check valves with M/M threaded ports GAS-BSPP and calibrated orifice on the poppet for restricted passage of oil in the opposite direction of the. Depending on the chosen size, the valves of the VUN-BSPP series can be installed in systems with working pressures up to 500 bar (7250 PSI) and flow rates up to 90 lpm (23.8 gpm). The external body is made of high-strength steel and protected from corrosion by galvanizing. Calibrations other than standard and Zinc-Nickel surface treatment are available on request.