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In-line swivel couplings

GGIL straight swivel couplings are employed in hydraulic systems equipped with moving flexible hoses.



Thanks to their characteristic of compensating rotations or torsions of the rubber hose without it being damaged, the hydraulic rotary couplings are often used in hydraulic systems where there is a connection between a flexible hose and a rigid part. Oleoweb GGIL swivel hydraulic couplings represent the optimal choice in systems where the flexible part and the rigid part are axially aligned. The swivel joints are not suitable for rapid and continuous rotations: it is advisable to consult the relative catalog page to verify the applicability parameters. The range of GGIL swivel joints includes sizes from 1/4 BSPP up to 1 "BSPP, with maximum working pressures up to 400 static bars (5800 PSI) and 200 bar (2900 PSI) in rotation in relation to the chosen size. The recommended working flow rates, always in relation to the joint size used, can reach 180 lpm (47,5 gpm). GGIL swivel joints are built with components made of high-strength steel, hardened and griound in the sliding surfaces to ensure the best performance associated with a long life. A galvanizing treatment protects the external surfaces from the action of corrosive agents.