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VDRF Cartridge flow divider/combiner

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Compensated flow divider/reunifier SAE10/4

The flow dividers/reunifiers allow the division into two equal parts of the inlet flow or the reunification of two flow lines in the opposite direction.



Flow dividers/reunifiers are compensated flow control valves; therefore, they have the task of managing a constant flow even in the presence of variations on the workload. Typical applications are those in which two actuators must move at the same speed, as in the case of two cylinders or two hydraulic motors positioned in parallel within a circuit. The valve can work in division: the input flow is equally divided between the two lines even in event of different loads acting on these two lines; or it can work in reunification: it reunifies the flow coming from the two lines even if affected by two different loads. An example can be that of the operation of two mechanically connected hydraulic cylinders on which unbalanced loads act: the VDRF valve guarantees its extension and re-entry at the same speed also safeguarding the mechanical structure that connects them from possible breakages. For VDRF flow dividers, different calibration ranges are available for systems with a total flow up to 40 l/min. The maximum working pressure is 350 bar. The VDRF valves can be installed in 4-way cavities dimensioned according to the SAE10 standard (7/8-14 UNF thread). The external components are made of high-strength steel and are protected against corrosion by galvanizing treatment.