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CUR10N check valve

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Cartridge check valve, 7/8-14 UNF cavity, poppet version

CUR10N cartridge check valve allows free oil passing through one direction stopping it on the opposite side.



CUR10N is a cartridge check valve, 7/8-14UNF threading. The oil passage is allowed from port 1 to port 2 while a poppet stops i t on the opposite direction. The cracking pressure is fiexed at 1 bar. The max working pressure for CUR10N is 350 bar (5057 PSI) with flow up to 40 l/min.-10,6 gpm. The hardened and ground poppet, made of high resistance steel, ensures the valves sealing. The external components, all made of steel, are protected from corrosion by a zinc plating treatment.