In-Line valves

End stroke valves traction operated FCT

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In-line valves for opening-closing of hydraulic circuits

FCT end stroke valves manage, within a hydraulic circuit, the opening or closing of a line after a mechanical impulse.



The FCT hydraulic end stroke valves realize the opening or the interruption of a line inside a hydraulic circuit through a mechanical traction control. Typical uses for this type of valve are the unloading of a pressurized line or the implementation of a drive sequence for one or more actuators. The FCT end stroke valves consist of an external body in painted cast iron, with BSPP threaded user ports and sizes from BSPP 3/8 to BSPP 1 ”; and internal components in high strength steel that guarantee the maintenance of the valve performance over time. Depending on the size chosen, the maximum working pressure can reach 250 bar (3625 PSI) and a maximum recommended flowrate of 140 lpm (37 PSI).