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End stroke valves FCM

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Mechanically operated , normally closed end stroke valve.

The mechanical end-stroke valves FCM allows the free passage of the flow after the mechanical actuation of the pushbutton. The poppet execution guarantees the seal in rest position.



FCM are normally closed end stroke mechanically operated valves. In rest position the valves interrupt the oil flow. Pressing the pushbutton allows free flow in both directions. In the rest position, thanks to the poppet, they guarantee the pressure seal. Typical applications are: extension sequences of hydraulic cylinders or the mechanical venting of pressure lines. The external body is made of high-strength steel and is protected against oxidation with zinc plating treatment. It is available as optional a Zinc/Nickel treatment in order to increase the resistance to corrosion in applications exposed to particular atmospheric conditions, such as maritime applications. The pushbutton is made of stainless steel to guarantee long life. Depending on the size, the FCM valves can work with flow rates up to 60 lpm (16 gpm) and pressures up to 350 bar (5075 PSI).