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EV34 Cartridge electric valve 2/2 pilot acting bidirectional double sealed SAE10

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Electric coperated check valve 2 ways/2 positions pilot acting, bidirectional and double sealed

The EV34 is a directional eletric valve pilot acting. An electric impulse open (normally closed configuration) or close (normaly open configuration) the flow through the valve. Once closed, the valve is sealed in both fluid directions.



In EV34 electric valves the force generated by a magnetic field fed by an electric coil is transformed into a mechanical action able to command the opening or closing of the valve, allowing or interrupting the flow passage. The EV34 valves are available in NC configuration (valve closed in absence of power supply) or NO (valve open in absence of power supply). Once open, the valves EV34 allow the flow in both directions. Typical application of these valves is the unloading function: a normally open valve discharges the pumpf flow, preventing movement of the actuators until an electrical impulse closes the passage to tank, making the flow available for use. For the NC version an emergency command is also available for manual opening of the valve in the event of an interruption of the electrical signal. The presence of a poppet and a sealing seat allows the EV34 valves to be used as check valves able to support a load thanks to the absence of leakage when closed. A typical example of application in this sense is the block in position and the consent to the descent of a single-acting cylinder. The EV34 valves are double-sealed; the block valve function is possible in both directions of flow. The maximum working pressure for EV34 electric valves is 350 bar, while its use is recommended with flow rates up to 70 l/min. The EV34 are cartridge valves dimensioned to be installed into cavities made according to the SAE10/2 standard with 7/8-14 UNF thread. On request the valve bodies are available for the in-line installation of the cartridges. For the electric actuation of the EV34 valves are also available 12V and 24V coils, in direct and alternating current, and the relative connectors.