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EV10 cartridge electric valve 3/2 direct acting SAE8

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Electric coperated directional valve 3 ways/2 positions

The EV10 is a directional eletric valve direct acting. An electrical impulse switches the position of a spool in order to changing the direction of the fluid.



In EV10 electric valves the force generated by a magnetic field fed by an electric coil is transformed into a mechanical action able to control the movement of a spool and consequently the direction of the oil flow. The EV10 valves are therefore 3-way and 2-position valves. In typical installations, the delivery of the pump (to be connected to the valve's port 2) is conveyed towards the discharge (to be connected to the port 1) until an electric impulse switches the position of the slider inside the valve connecting the supply to the use (from connect to the port 3). On request, an emergency command is also available for manual switching of the valve in the event of an interruption of the electrical signal. The maximum working pressure for EV10 electric valves is 210 bar (3045 PSI), while its use is recommended with flow rates up to 12 l/min. (3,2 USgpm). The EV10 are cartridge valves with SAE8 size and can be installed in a cavity made according to the SAE08/3 standard with 3/4-16 UNF thread. On request the valve bodies are available for the in-line installation of the cartridges. For the electric actuation of the EV10 valves are also available 12V and 24V coils, in direct and alternating current, and the relative connectors.