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CP10 Compensated flow regulator SAE10/3 adjustable

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Compensated flow regulator 7/8-14 UNF with hadwheel regulation

Thanks to the hydraulic compensator, the flow regulator CP10 managesa constant flow to the users even in event of working load’s variations. Exceedinf flow is sent to tank.



The compensated flow regulator valve CP10 finds its employement into hydraulic circuits affected by load’s variations where it is anyway needed a constant speed of the actuators. Thank to the presence of the hydraulic compensator, the valve CP10 is able to manage the flow to the users keeping it constatnt in every load condition. Exceeding flow is sent to tank. The flow regulator CP10 con manage up to 50 lpm (13,2 USgpm) to users with a maximum inlet flow of 90 lpm (23,7 USgpm). For a correct performance of the hydraulic comensator, is recommended an inlet fow at least 10% more than the setting of the valve. Maximum working pressure for valve CP10 is 350 bar (5075 PSI). The setting of the regulated flow is done by a hanwheel that can be also locked thanks to a screw on its side. The CP10 is a cartidge valve with size 7/8-14UNF for fitting ito standard cavity SAE10/3. This characteristic makes the valve very flexible and allow to mount it on every manifold with standard SAE cavities.