Hydraulic manifolds

CETOP5 single manifold BS5

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Single manifolds CETOP5 flanged with pressure limiter valve and lateral user ports

The bases BS5 are aluminium manifold suitable for flanging a single electric directional valve CETOP5.



Thanks to the CETOP 5 bases of the BS5 series it is easy to build simple and flexible hydraulic systems with just one working section. The CETOP 5 flanging allows to install a directional solenoid valve; a pressure relief valve protects the system from any peaks. The valve body of the BS5 bases has all the user ports of size BSPP ½, positioned laterally with respect to the CETOP valve and the relief valve. The black anodizing treatment guarantees the body a high resistance to corrosion. The VMD90 pressure relief valve is available with different types of adjustment and setting ranges. For the use of the BS5 bases flow rates up to 80 lpm are recommended. The maximum operating pressure must not exceed 210 bar.