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CETOP3 single manifolds BP3

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Single manifolds CETOP3 flanged with rear users and relief valve

2 The aluminum bases BP3 with rear connections are dedicated to the assembly of a single CETOP 3 solenoid valve.



For building of hydraulic systems with single working sections, the BP3 base manifolds represent a simple and flexible solution. The CETOP 3 flanging is suitable for mounting a single directional solenoid valve, while a maximum pressure valve in the pressure line protects the system from possible overloads. The aluminum manifold has BSPP 3/8 ports: pressure and tank line on the side and user ports on the rear. Thanks to the black anodizing treatment, the body is also resistant to corrosion. The VMD40S overpressure valve is available with different types of adjustment and calibration ranges. For the BP3 plates it is recommended to use up to 40 lpm flow rate and 210 bar working pressure.