Hydraulic manifolds

CETOP3 multiple manifolds with relief valve BM-RV

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Aluminium manifolds for assembly up to N 6 CETOP 3 valves

The multiple bases BM-RV, with pressure relief valve and lateral user ports, allow the installation in parallel of up to 6 modules or solenoid valves CETOP 3.



Differently than BM series, on the CETOP bases BM-VR series a pressure relief valve in the pressure line protects the circuit. The bases can house from 2 to 6 valves with CETOP3 flanging. The bodies, monobloc and with parallel circuit, are made of aluminum and are protected against the action of corrosive agents by anodizing black-colored oxidation treatment. Pressure and tank lines have frontal BSPP ½ ports while the users are lateral BSPP 3/8. The recommended working flow is up to 40 lpm (11 gpm). Maximum working pressure is 210 bar (3050 PSI). The pressure limiter valve VMD40S is available with screw or handwheel regulation and two setting ranges.